One Day Lesson 4 hours $399 each (2 students) $499 private (1 student)

This is our most popular lesson program. A single day course that includes all 3 classes as detailed below. Sessions start at 11:00 daily. Open 7 days a week May 20 to October 30.

* Practice with a trainer kite prior to attending the ONE DAY PROGRAM is strongly encouraged. You can purchase a trainer kite at your local kite shop or contact us.


$99.00 for 1 hour
*Ratio: 2 students max per instructor


$199 for 2 hours
*Prerequisite: Successful completion of Lesson 1


$99 for 1 hour
*Successful completion of Lesson 2 or equivalent is required.

Note: Your coach is by your side in the water providing instant feedback for the fastest learning technique.

No Wind/Refund Policy

As we all know kiteboarding is fully dependent on the weather. We try to schedule lessons at the best possible times to assure for good wind conditions, however sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t want to co-operate. In that case you have a few options: reschedule your lesson for another time, or a refund.
Note: All lessons that are canceled due to weather are rescheduled at your convenience. In the event that the weather changes during a lesson and the lesson has to be cut short, the cost will be prorated according to how much of the lesson has been completed.

Wakeboard -$99 – 1.5 hours – No wind, no problem, let’s focus on polishing up your board skills. We will teach you to toeside, pop 180’s and practice your transitions behind a jetski.

Private Lesson – $125/hr 1 student, Semi -private – 2 students $99/hr each

Our certified instructors are available for hire on a hourly basis. All private instruction is accompanied by a jet ski. The lesson is customized to meet your specific needs and learning at your pace.

Note: All kite gear and safety equipment will be provided by your instructor. All water time lessons will be supported by one or more instructors with a jetski to ensure you get the most time riding out of your session.

COST includes

Price includes Instructor, all kites, boards, & gear,  maximum of 2 students per instructor, unless otherwise specified for group bookings.

To book a lesson, call us at the beach 519-422-3962
e mail:


Students are requested to CALL US at our beach # 519-422-3962 the NIGHT BEFORE their lesson/camp is scheduled to confirm their reservations, to receive a wind report and to get final meeting instructions for the next day.