Beginner’s Lesson

ONE DAY BEGINNER’S SPECIAL PACKAGE $399 (semi-private) $499 (private)

This is our most popular lesson program. A single day course that includes Ground School, Inflatable Kite and In the Water to get you Up and Riding. All 3 lessons (regular $500 value) are combined in 1 day. For more details see One Day Lesson. * Note : Minimum age is 12 years old and 120 lbs. Students under 18 yrs. of age must have a parent present for the duration of the lesson.

Lesson 1  Ground Control

Learn to fly a power kite on land. Starting with a 3 meter trainer kite you will learn the basic principles of flight, wind window, setup, safety, control, launches / landings. Practice flying a power kite that can pull you across the sand on your heels and launch you into the air. This lesson will give you a taste of what the sport of kiteboarding is all about. Lesson 2  Inflatable Kite Learn the basics of inflatable kite flying including familiarity with equipment and kite rigging, line management, tuning, launching and landing, basic kite control, flying techniques, kiter safety, and beach etiquette. Prerequisite: Successful completion of ground control or demonstrated flying skill. Lesson 3  In the Water  We’ll make use of a fully powered large inflatable kite in the water. It includes water relaunching, & body dragging. Successful completion of the inflatable kite class on land or equivalent is required. Your coach is by your side in the water providing instant feedback for the fastest & SAFEST learning experience or if you prefer the ultimate…. Private Lesson – $125/Hour Our certified instructors are available for hire on a hourly basis. All private instruction  is customized to meet your specific needs and learning at your pace. Note: All kite gear and safety equipment will be provided by your instructor. All water time lessons will be supported by one or more instructors with a jetski to ensure you get the most time riding out of your session. You will need to bring a shorty wetsuit or rash guard & board shorts, sunglasses and sunscreen. To book a lesson, call us at the beach 519-422-3962   Season runs May – October