Advanced Lessons

Freestyle Tricks – $199 – 2 Hours

Pick your favourite trick and work on it with a pro who has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Take your riding to the next level by customizing this lesson to your specific needs.

1 – Hop to toe-side

2 – Hop from toeside to heelside

3 – Hop to blind

4 – Ride blind

5 – Jump transition

6 – Jump transition with grab

7 – Jump transition to toeside

8 – Backroll

9 – Backroll transition

10 – Long distance downwinder

11 – Various grabs

12 – Inverted jump

13 – Pop (no kite movement)

14 – Dark slide

15 – Downloop (no jump)

16 – Downloop jibe

17 – Kiteloop (no jump)

Pop & Jump –

Whether you are boosting your first air or your first 20 ft. board grab this class can be tailored to your ability. Downwind riding with a pro instructor next to you on a jet ski is the fastest way to learn to jump in both directions. Learn to load up on your edge and “pull the trigger” to boost some of your biggest airs.

Old School Boost –

Throwing big air jumps is back in style. Whether you have a high aspect kite or not we’ll teach you to boost huge air and throw some old school tricks like Board offs and the Dead man. You have a choice of kite to choose from either C –shaped or Bow style.

Wakestyle –

If you like riding powered then it’s time to learn to pop and jump without sending the kite. Wakestyle tricks require loading the lines and popping off the water. Our Airush Team Pro rider Sam Medysky is one of the best at this style of riding. Learn all of this at the best flat water location in Ontario!

Waves –

Kitesurfing is the latest trend amongst seasoned kiteboarders. You see it in all the kiteboarding magazines. Learn how to jibe on a directional board. This course focuses on riding the surf at Sauble Beach with strong Westerly winds directly on shore. This class can be tailored to your specific riding ability. Surfboards are provided.

Wakeskate –

Learn to ride strapless by Wakeskating.  You will practice techniques including: stance, balance, edging, handle pass, spinning to blind, butter slide, ollie and more. You’ll have a choice of surfboard, skimboard or wakeskate. Take advantage of light wind days and maximize your riding skills!

Note: helmets are strongly recommended for all activities. All lessons include helmets free of charge. Book well in advance to guarantee that our Pro rider is available..

To book a lesson, call us at the beach 519-422-3962 (May -October) or e-mail: