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Home of Canada’s AIRUSH International Pro Kiter, Sam Medysky  

Red Bull King of the Air Athlete, 7 time Canadian National Champion, Triple S Athlete & 2014 AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year 

Since 2001, we are honoured that KiteRider continues to be Ontario’s most popular kite school. Premier coaching, camps and an information resource trusted by hundreds of kiters since the beginning.

We offer kitesurf  lessons for every level, from beginner to advanced. Our kitesurf courses are designed for maximum enjoyment and fast & safe learning.
Student’s safety, excellent lesson quality, advanced teaching methods and immediate feedback for fast learning, are the trademarks of our approach that will get you into kitesurfing in the easiest, most efficient and safe way.

1 Day Beginner’s Special Package $499 private or $399 semi-private

1 hr. private lesson $150 or $99 semi-private (2 hour minimum )
BEST VALUE in Ontario !

Gift Certificates available !

call us at 519-422-3962 at the beach ( May – October )
Take a lesson from da Best ! International Pro Rider Sam Medysky & his team of Professional Instructors

Our students SPEAK OUT…

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the lessons yesterday. You’re a fantastic teacher and incredible with the kite and board. We are inspired! 
We’ll look at the calendar, follow the weather and stay in touch.
Steve & Boris Marett ……June 9, 2024

Dan thank you so much!

You’re the greatest!

I appreciate your help and look forward to my next lesson!

Thanks again for a great day!!! ….Stephanie Adams, September 13, 2023

Hi Dan,
Much appreciated for the lesson today,
It was awesome !
Dave Nash, August 20, 2023

Hey Dan

Such a great experience and you really helped me advance.

Hoping we can arrange another session

Rob Duncan, August 3, 2023


Thanks for all your help. You are a fantastic instructor!! All the best

Ian Kirkpatrick, July 12 , 2022

…You are amazing my friend. Thank you for everything.

John Genereaux, July 2, 2022

Hi Daniel,

thanks for a great day on the water! Happy Father’s Day !…..Erik Van Lier, June 19, 2022

Hello Dan – thank you for accommodating me today. I think I would have had a ruined session today if you weren’t there to help so thank you. 

Interesting how my mind was ready for more today, 1st time out this season, but the body had forgotten so much from last year….

Mike Draper, May 30, 2022

Hey Dan,

Wanted to say thanks for a great day. We
really enjoyed our lesson yesterday! …..Jesse & Visha , September 24, 2021

Hi Daniel. Thanks a ton for the kiteboarding lesson!! Awesome! – Shona, August 25, 2021

Hi Dan,
Thanks again for a great day of lessons yesterday. 

Danielle & Shaun – August 24, 2021

Thank You Daniel. I learned a lot today. Really appreciate this. Richard, June 18, 2021

Thanks for the great kiteboarding lesson !

Christine Sutcliffe, June 18, 2021

Thank you Dan, that was totally awesome !

Jerry Patten, October 6, 2019 

Hi Daniel,

I wanted to send a quick note thanking you for the two lessons you gave me in the fall prior to my trip to Lake Como.

You gave me the fundamentals that I needed to get the most out of my sessions in Italy.

After your two lessons, and the group lessons I had in Italy  I am able to… comfortably sail upwind in winds over 15 knots.

Your methodical process and teaching was the perfect foundation for my entry in the sport.

With much appreciation,

Ian Black, September 28, 2019

Hey. Thanks so much for your help. I’m hooked ..... 
Thank you for the mags as well.
They are motivation & inspiration. I’ll give you a shout when I'm down next year! Take care and thanks again !! ...Kelly Graham. July 17, 2019

Thanks.  Had fun and took a big step to figure out power control and staying up on the board.  Glad I took the lesson.

William Reid. October 7, 2018

Hi again Daniel!

I loved it… thanks for the lesson!  … I cannot imagine anywhere having the terrain that you have there [Oliphant] to learn, with shallow sandy waters for such a large area…  I was very impressed with your gear, and thoroughness in which you taught everything.  I definitely have the bug now and want to master the skill !!

Robyn. July28,2018

On Jun 18, 2018, Jacob Schwass wrote:

Hey Dan,
That was fantastic, I’m really glad with how that went, and I feel a lot more confident to just go out and practise now.  I had a ton of fun, thank you.
I will definitely see you out there!
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the lesson.  As I mentioned, I have had a number of lessons but could never get close to getting out of the water other than some ugly crashes.  Your teaching and our session really progressed my skills at the water-start and gives me the confidence that with practice I can learn this sport.

What a great spot you have at Oliphant for teaching and hopefully I can get back soon.

Andrew McColl
June 18, 2018

Hey Daniel,

Thank you so much for the day of kiting! Kyle and I had an amazing experience and we appreciate you spending the time with us on Thanksgiving! …Oct.8, 2017 Danielle McEwan

Thanks Daniel!  It was a terrific experience, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and look forward to trying this out again!
Keith Shier, September 4, 2017

Thank you Daniel. We both really enjoyed the lesson and introduction to the sport. I had only set my expectations to get to body surfing, which we did! I feel I have a good understanding of what the sport is about…

You’re an excellent teacher, and I must say I was pleased on arrival to see an instructor more my age bracket 😉 I’m sure there are 20-somethings that are excellent instructors, but learning from an expert in my age range is some how less intimidating.
Dan Pronovost, Labour Day Monday, Sept. 4, 2017

It was great, thank you! Look forward to the next one for jumps 🙂
Had a great time and really appreciate the tips and instruction.
Awesome, I am so stoked from today. Told my wife and kids all about it.
Laurent Massam, June 11. 2017

Thanks again for a great session today!
I really appreciated your pointers and patience.
All the best,
Derek Cross, Labour Day, Sept. 7, 2015


Had a great time out today. I think I made good progress thanks to your lessons. Hoping to practice what I learnt throughout the summer.

Also, read the father and son article [Kitesurfing Magazine] on the drive back to the city. Love the Sauble Beach shout outs and wayback snapshots.

Thanks again,

Filip Stepien, July 19. 2015


Dan and Sam
Thank you so much for providing Greg with such an amazing learning experience! He literally will not stop talking about kiteboarding and we are in blue mountain as we speak purchasing a kite. Very impressed with your quality of service but torn because I am now expecting to rarely see Greg unless I trek to oliphant! Have a great labour day.
Many thanks,…. Natasha, August 31
Thanks for the support and patience. We loved it! ……Muriel Solomon, August 28

Hi Daniel, thank you for an absolutely fabulous day, I really didn’t think I would come so far in one day! Sam is an excellent instructor!…Ben Eckensweiler, July16

Just spent part of the weekend at Kite Camp with the Medysky’s. Best Canada Day weekend….. EVER! ….Brent Rylott

Just a quick thanks for the great day on Sunday – learned a tonne and have a whole lot of respect for this amazing sport! …Zach Weston, July 1


Great kiteboarding lesson thanks to Mary and Sam Medysky at KiteRider – at Oliphant……Duncan Elston, August 14

Hey Dan, Many thanks for coordinating my lesson yesterday. The weather cooperated and my son and I had a great day and really enjoyed working with Sam. We are hooked, and hope to maintain the momentum and be riding this season…..Jim Eplett, August 10.

Hi! My friend Melissa and I took our “half” lesson from Dan & Mary on Saturday July 6th – it was amazing! …Christina Godbolt.

Thanks for the great coaching Mary. Feel like I made some good progress ……Tim Anasiagus, July 20th


Just wanted to thank both of you for an awesome day! The kids had a blast and now it is all about time with them on the water.
Sam, thanks for the tip at the end of the day. I ended my day with about 20 back and forth runs keeping upwind and didn’t have to walk the kite back once. It felt like a big breakthrough for me too. … Richard White, August 12, 2012

Sam, thanks again for a great kiteboarding lesson! Hope to see you for another in water next week!
Your patience was appreciated! 🙂 … Elke Christensen, June 20, 2012

Hi Daniel/ Sam,
Just wanted to thank you guys for a great day on Thursday I had an
absolute blast. I will be taking another lesson soon……James Boughner, June 25, 2012


Thanks so much for the fantastic experience today! I was somewhat hopeless on the water but most defintely want to take more lessons! Seeing all the boarders on the water today was amazing!!! My instructor was very patient with us too. I hope to be able to take more lessons with you this summer. Martin Flook, July 10, 2011

I just wanted to thank you for a great start at kiteboarding. The lessons were great.
The guys are excellent instructors, I will definetely get more instruction from you!
Mark Ibbotson, July 5 , 2011

Just wanted to say thanks again for all your extra efforts in getting me up and riding this summer.
I had one of the best seasons as I’ve been wanting to tackle this sport for years.
Incredible…… Kerry Shaw, October 2, 2010
Hey guys,
Took a lesson with you guys on Friday and just wanted to say thanks!
I’ve been involved with board sports and water sports my entire life. Taught windsurfing for years as a certified instructor. That said, I’ve never met a team of instructors better organized, skilled and professional as you guys. I know the challenges of instructing water sports (often cold and uncomfortable, repetitious, different abilities etc.) you guys know what I’m talking about. Everybody was awesome. It’s not easy but all of you made it look that way.
I couldn’t recommend your team any more highly (already have) and have great respect for the sport. I’ll be involved for life.
All the best, you’ve earned it!!
Andrew White ….. July 27, 2010

Hi Dan

It was nice meeting with you and the crew yesterday. I had a blast and loved every aspect of this sport….. Again, please extend my thanks to the boys, they were amazing, professional very helpful and fun to be with … Kamel Amoura (Kam), July 26, 2010

“…I took your class two weeks ago and had a great time. Thank you for taking the time to help Deven and I learn the basics.” … Tully Campeau, June 29, 2010

“I had a great time. well worth it! ‘” ….. Peter Etherington, October 11, 2009
“Sam was awesome! …What an amazing teacher..” ….. Kim Mitchell, August 23. 2009

… “Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for the awesome follow up at Oli … It was wicked and I got to a new level before the day ended – riding nice long tacks in both directions with reasonably smooth stop transitions. Holding my ground and even going upwind a bit too. Ate it lots – and that’s part of the deal – I love it. Next step – slide transitions and heelside transitions and maybe catching a downwinder”….. John Lalley (aka Johnny Stinkfoot) August 27, 2009

“Thanks again to everyone that helped out… The lesson was very well put together, and you guys were very helpful, patient, and professional. My thanks to you, Sam, Dave and Marty. I had a lot of fun. Too bad Toronto doesn’t have a perfect spot like Oliphant! “….Derek A. Derksen, Aug. 17, 2009

“you guys run a 1st class operation.” ….Martin Sampson, Aug. 3, 2009

“Many thanks to you and your team for a great kiteboarding experience” ….Jim Russell, July 24, 2009

“Thanks Daniel,
I had a great time on Sunday, and so did my friends! Sam and Dave were great instructors, very patient, and always helpful”. …Christine Selby, June 16, 2009

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding, (as it’s called in North America) is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. The endless freedom of speeding across the surface of the water, then launching yourself into the air, flying high like a bird then landing smoothly back onto the water is an experience that every athlete should experience in their lifetime.
It’s a remarkable spectacle which draws a crowd whenever the wind comes up. The enthusiasm to learn, practice and be part of this way of life is infectious to try it. The exhilaration from getting up on the board for your first time to landing your first big jump is truly an adrenaline rush. Feeling these great sensations is easily achieved with professional instruction from our team of pros that make learning safe and enjoyable.

Sauble Beach is it! Wide open beaches, shallow water, warm & steady winds, long coastline for downwinders, affordable accommodations and lots of friendly people! Our kite school is located on the beautiful sandy shores of Lake Huron on the Bruce Peninsula in Southern Ontario, Canada. The crystal clean blue waters and steady winds provide ideal conditions to learn kiteboarding in a naturally safe environment.

Sauble Beach Kitesurfing is an approved professional kite school based in Sauble Beach, widely regarded as the best kiteboarding destination in Ontario for beginner through advanced riders. Our instructors are IKO and/or PASA certified, have First Aid/CPR training and insured as well as a thorough understanding of the latest, safest and most effective teaching techniques.This is it. Combine awesome conditions with the Ontario’s premier school and you won’t be disappointed. And be sure to book your lessons early.

Whether Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, we have a top notch crew of Instructors, including Pro Rider, Sam Medysky. Check out his Bio on the Instructors’ page. When he’s not away competing, Sam will be home teaching lessons for beginner to advanced riders from May to October. Be sure to take this opportunity to enhance your riding skills with one of the best riders around.

We are all about kiting, all aspects of kiting, and are excited to be able to share our passion with you. There is something magic about flying a kite. Come join us and find out what a thrill it really is!
We are currently taking reservations for this summer season, reserve your spot.  Call us or drop us a line with any questions you might have about kiteboarding. We are looking forward to a great summer season!


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