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Sauble KiteJam




2011 Sauble KiteJam, September 16-18

Sauble Beach Kite Jam

by BEST Kiteboarding on Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 12:26pm

By: Lia Feriancek

After a great day at the cable, we headed over to Sauble Beach, Ontario...home of Kiterider.ca and BEST team rider's Sam Medysky and Dave Drinkwater. It was great to meet Daniel Medysky finally after speaking with him on the phone about kiting over the past 5 years. On Wednesday and Thursday before the event, the wind was nuking and the waves were chest to head high. Who would have thought that Lake Huron would produce such epic kiting conditions. The water is bright blue and clean, it almost looks like the ocean but freshwater. We did a downwinder with Sam Medysky, Ryan Evans, Rich Sabo, Eric Rienstra, Craig Cunningham, Daniel Steiner, Yoel Mendoza, and John Bryja along the coast line to Sam's cottage. The boys were hitting the waves as kickers, some riding the waves on surfboards, it was freezing but in all was a good time.

It was a good thing that we rode when we did because the wind did not cooperate with the event this year. The wind was very light but we had the 17m TS out with the kite buggy and some were able to get out on big boards and big kites to do some tacks that eventually ended with a walk up the beach. The Kahoona+v4 13.5m was out on the water making a showing with Dano checking out the new features for the school.

Saturday was the SUP race, there was over 20 competitors that took the 6km course and it was glassy smooth for them to race to the finish. Later in the afternoon, the sliders were put into the water and the boys put on a show for the beach goers as they hit the sliders being pulled by the jet ski. Three of the four ladies had never even hit a slider so it was awesome to see everyone out there charging it!

After the event on Saturday, everyone hit up the local hot spot, The Dunes, for some drinks and dancing. Even though we did not get the best conditions for the event, everyone had a great time, we met a bunch of new friends and visited a beautiful kite location in Canada.

Sunday was another no wind day so we wrapped up early and did the awards ceremony. Thanks so much for everyone coming out and making it a great event, even with no wind!


Sauble KiteJam 2011 Results

Pro Slider Session (Jet ski)


1st Craig Cunningham

2nd David Drinkwater

3rd Eric Reinstra

4th Rich Sabo


1st Jessica Sickinger

2nd Lia Feriancek

3rd Sarah Sutherland

4th Carol Bolstad


SUP Race – Ontario SUP Series Championship

Open Men’s Division - 6km.

1st Al Thomson

2nd Devin Glage

3rd Sam Medysky

4th Mike Fekette

5th Matt Reaume

6th Jason Sweers

7th Bryan Patterson

8th Brandon Madick

9th Josh Benvenuh

10th Haden Swanborough

11th Adam Pettengill

12th Mark Brocklehurst

Open Women’s Division – 3km.

1st Tanya Thomson

2nd Janet Thomson

3rd Jamie Taylor

4th Heather Holmes

5th Dana Kosich

6th Carol Syrnyk

Open Junior Division under 14 – 3km.

1st Malcolm


For more photos, check out http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.248833298485602.50482.177274758974790&type=1



2010 News Report

Sauble KiteJam Event Results: September. 10-12, 2010

The Sauble Beach KiteJam event was a great success with over a 100 kiteboarders registered from across the country, as well as a pro riders from USA. Top champion freestyle riders came to compete and put on a show for us by pulling out some of the sickest moves on the sliders and kickers.

Friday was a setup day & a slow start to the wind gave everyone a chance to get to know each other & get settled in. The event’s pace increased on Saturday, with more riders arriving and registering for the slider event. There were a total of three sliders & one kicker set out in the water for the riders to hit behind the jet-ski. As well as the show on the water there were numerous exhibitor booths setup along the beach providing kite gear sales and demonstrations. Local kite flying clubs showed off their skills on the land including some wild buggy riding tricks. Many folks also got the chance to try first hand the growing sport of Standup Paddle Boarding. Saturday night’s party on the beach had two great bands playing and then the party carried on at the Dunes bar & then well into the night.

Sunday saw the sun come out and an ever increasing west wind allowed for a freestyle expression session. Spectators enjoyed some spectacular high flying manoeuvres as riders attempted to outperform each other in the air and on the waves. The event concluded with presentations and free prize giveaway.

Event Results:
Men’s Slider Jam

1st Brandon Scheid

2ND Eric Rienstra

3RD Brian Smith

4th Elliot Drury 

Women’s Slider Jam

1st Jessica Sickinger

2nd Annie Carrier

3rd Claire Lutz

4th Sarah Paciocco-Lanoe

The event was put on by KiteRider Canada in partnership with the Town of South Bruce Peninsula & the Sauble Beach Chamber of Commerce Summer Events Program.

Thanks to all of the great sponsors for making this event possible as well as the exhibitors, photographers, volunteers and most importantly all the riders.

A special thanks to our master of ceremonies Dan Steiner, John Bryja and event organizers Sam & Dan Medysky of KiteRider.ca and Shane Sargant and his crew.

See you all again next year!


IKO instructor

PASA Instructor

Sams Latest Vids

Videos uploaded by Sam Medysky on Vimeo.

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